100% pure Organic Fertilizer

BioAgenasol® is produced through the fermentation of cereals with the aid of yeast (S. cerevisiae) and mixed with organic liquid fertilizers, which are aproved for organic farming (www.infoxgen.com). Partially desugared molasses is then added to BioAgenasol®. The yeast bio-massand the sugar from molasses lead to an intense stimulation of the soil microorganisms andtherewith contribute to the healthiness of the soil healthiness.



Applications for BioAgenasol®

Particularly suitable for use in arable crops, for all varieties of fruits and vegetables.Used for lawns as well as for balcony flowers and all varieties of ornamental plants and shrubs.The spcial composition brings ballance in organic compound, with constantly available nutrients, activates the bacterial life in the soil and mobilizes bound nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium.




• Organic compound 85%

• Organic nitrogen strengthened 5.5%

• Phosphorus 2.5%

• Potassium 1.5%

• From pure herbal products

• No animal products

• Approved for use as an organic fertilizer

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