Powerful NP-organic fertilizer

Farmers know little about the term "organic fertiliser". In the past 20 years, in conventional agriculture, for cost reasons, mineral fertiliser has been used almost exclusively. Meanwhile, however, it turned out that only a portion of the fertiliser spectrum is covered by the NPK unilateral fertilisation.

Especially in the range of micronutrients, it can cause deficits after years of unilateral NPK fertilisation. Many farms showed that the efficiency is clearly greater when combined with organic fertiliser.



In the long term, by using Powerkorn fertiliser, an increase in humus content has been noticed. The water storage capacity of the arable soil was massively improved. There are also practical results, when during a dry year, the efficiency was 20-30% higher when compared with conventional fertilisation methods.

The benefits of the organic fertiliser products are known and commercial sustained, but for economic reasons they have not been widely used. Powerkorn is offered at a very attractive price, so you can also take advantage of reduced costs for fertilisers, in addition to increasing the efficiency of agricultural production.

Using 1000 kg/ha of Powerkorn, you actually fertilise the soil with 90 kg N, 80 kg P and 120 kg CaO . It should be noted that the availability of nitrogen, as it happens with any organic fertiliser, is about 60-70% in the first year, the rest becoming active in the following year.

In addition to the beneficial effect of the nutrient, the life of the soil is naturally extended. The enzymes activate the micronutrients, which doesn't happen in the case of mineral NPK fertilisation. Due to the high content of phosphorus in Powerkorn, the soil is greatly phosphorated, so the process of mineral phosphorus fertilizasion can be completely eliminated. Powerkorn is a basic fertiliser for all crops. If necessary, more nitrogen and potassium can be added.




• 9% nitrogen

• 8% of phosphorus

• 12% of calcium

• plus many valuable trace elements

• Increases the return

• Reduced fertilizer costs

• Activated the soil

• Great introductory price

• Fertilizer with trace elements

• Improves humus formation

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